The First Post

It seems to me like the beginning is always the hardest part. Just like beginning this blog. It’s late. I want to go to bed. I really don’t have any idea what I’m going to write about. But I know I need to use this as a tool for myself. I need to see where I’ve come from and write down where I want to go.

You see. I used to weigh 170lbs just coming out of high school. I went to college. Put on some weight. Put on some stress, which meant I would eat more and put on some more weight. Got married. Put on some weight. Had kids. Put on some weight. Graduated from college and had to face the real world. Put on some weigh. I did this repeatedly until I finally reached my current weight which is 310lbs. I’m not happy with this which is why I want to start this blogl

I’m going to take photos. Write down my food log for the day. Write down my exercise for the day and hopefully have a way to chronicle my progress from 310lbs to 270lbs. I chose 270lbs because it seemed like a reasonable goal.

I’m not going to worry about grammar, and misspellings too much. This blog is just going to be me and my thoughts. I may not make sense sometimes but that doesn’t matter. I need to get these thoughts out there.

Those are my thoughts for today so have a good night. Short and sweet.